Does anyone know of any good web sites to do research on older bikes? Been fixing bikes for a few years but just recently got into vintage bikes. I want to find out all i can right down to frame makers.

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There are several forums that cater to vintage bikes, one of the best in my humble opinion is the Cabe - The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange

There is an exponential amount of knowledge on there and the people really know their stuff.

Another is Classic Vintage Cycles

Lastly bikeforums.com has vintage section as well

These are the 3 i am most familiar with, however I'm sure there are many more. There are a couple dedicated websites as well but most are bicycle specific such as vintage BMX, or only Muscle bikes, or Schwinn's.

As much as i hate to say it google with be your best friend for this but the CABE is a good forum to start on, it will likely lead you to other resources as well. Hope this helps.

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