Recently got a Cube eMTB with Bosch CX system installed. Love the bike, does well for commutes and some bush bashing over the weekend.

Being a nerd, I like my data. Considering the system already reads information as a part of its normal function (as well as Torque so I have heard) is there any way to log this to Strava/IPBike/other fitness apps?

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    I'm unfamiliar with this bike, but can you pair it with a headunit like a garmin or wahoo ? I wonder if the bike logs the data or if its all instantaneous data which is thrown away if not collected by a head unit. Does the documentation talk about ANT+ or bluetooth ? – Criggie Jan 4 '19 at 10:42
  • As far as I can deduce from Bosch's website (www.bosch-ebike.com) they have built-in Bluetooth connection. – Carel Jan 4 '19 at 12:03

Bosch uses CAN bus for communication between motor, battery, display.

There is no easy way to read data from it.

check out COBI.Bike it may offer some of features you want.

Else you can hack into CAN bus and read data yourself, the protocol was decoded on some german pedalec forums. (but as I remember there is no torque data in it)

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