I have a red bmx bike with flat plates on both sides in the front it has circles through them I don't know what kind of bike it is it's just the frame I bought from a friend he said he thought it was a diamond back but I never seen one of them made like this one can anyone help me out. Thanks

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It looks a lot like a bike made by Giant branded in different ways for different markets.

There are several frames made with a circle cutout and a sort of X shaped gusset. The circle in the middle with a rolled edge is rare.

Here it is as a 1983/1984 Repco Team Hotfoot
It was made by Giant for Repco
enter image description here bloggingadeadhorse.com

Here's an 82 Team Giant with a similar frame
enter image description here

Here is a 1981 Giant GMX-250 with a similar frame
enter image description here bmxmuseum.com

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