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Terminology index - a list of bike part names and cycling concepts

This question and its answers list the names of bike parts and cycling concepts. Some Rules Make sure you only put one term per answer! Try to include an image if applicable Include sources that ...
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Is having your hands "on the hoods" of drop handlebars safe for braking?

I've never had a bike with drop handlebars, but may get one for commuting in busy London (likely a single-speed with mechanical disc brakes). This would mean riding with my hands mostly on the hoods, ...
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How many fingers on the brake lever of an MTB?

I have seen people stop with one finger, two fingers or the whole hands on the levers. Is there a recommended number of fingers on the brake levers when stopping/anticipating an emergency stop? Do ...
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What are the positions on drop bars called?

I've heard the different places to put your hands on drop bars given different names, like "hoods" which I think is the flat part on top or maybe the brake levers, or "drops", referring to the lowest ...
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Aero Bars vs The Drops

On my road bike I am debating installing aero bars. Will I notice a significant measurable improvement in speed using aero bars vs being in the drops? I am looking for specific numbers here with ...
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Braking on a vintage road bike

I recently bought a vintage Gitane road bike. I understand that in the 70s and 80s they sold a lot of these road bikes with drop handle bars. Sometimes they came with the extra lever for an easier ...
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Straight or Drop handlebars?

Can someone explain to me the pros/cons of drop or straight? I've never used drops before and have never owned a good road bike (just cheap mountain bikes) - I am buying a decent single speed soon and ...
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How and when should one use the "On the drops" position on drop handlebars?

This question may be addressed completely by this canonical answer, and I'm happy to remove the question if so. However it's only one answer, and I don't think it could hurt to have more here; I have ...
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Getting used to narrower handlebars

Just switched from flat to drop bars which are narrower that the original flats. Also, to compensate the "depth" of the riding position, I took a shorter stem (60mm instead of 105mm). Because of ...
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Road bikes with flared bars

I recently rode a road bike where the brake levers had a slight outward tilt. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask what kind of handlebar it was, but I found it very comfortable. It had a slope like the ...
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