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Asymmetrical flat pedals: why and how to use?

My bike has trapezoidal flat pedals, similar to the ones pictured below. One edge is smaller than the other. Since they're just flat pedals, there is no reliable way to favour one position over ...
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I pedal on the flat surface of Shimano 105 SPD SL

I've been cycling on the flat surface of my SPD SL pedals. I never intend to use the clip mechanism. Should I just use flat pedals for better comfort and speed?
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What's the point of double-sided SPD pedals if SPD pedals with platform are more convenient and lighter?

Briefly I don't get it. Why would anyone want to use dual-sided SPD pedals—such as PD-M520 (left of the image), PD-M8000, PD-M9000, PD-M9100, ...—when single-sided SPD pedals with platforms—such as PD-...
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Clipless vs. Flat Pedal Speed Difference

Assuming one is biking on flat roads and assuming equal power in both scenarios, how much faster would one go using clipless pedals versus flat pedals? [Note that this question relates to: https://...
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What causes a slight rhythmic knock in the pedal?

My left pedal is sending a slight knock to the sole of my foot at every turn, at the 1 o'clock position. What could cause this? It happens on all chainring-sprocket combinations though not with the ...
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Flat Pedal Pin Installation

Do you have to screw flat pedal pins in all the way, or can you make them longer by leaving them screwed out and using a thread locker?
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I cannot change my pedals because of a plastic cap

I cycle casually every day and I know at least something about bikes. But not that much that I know how to deal with the problem I experience. Recently I got a new great bike (for me at least), but I ...
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Performance Road Flat Shoe/Pedal combo

My girlfriend is a keen road cyclist, but does not want to use clipless pedals. She currently uses something similar to these shoes: Scott MTB (with bog standard flat plastic pedals) We've tried some ...
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Should "universal pedals" be avoided?

Are universal pedal axles weaker than standard axles? If so, should they be avoided? These are inexpensive pedals so let's focus on inexpensive normal, solid axles vs these universal pedals. Each ...
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Looking to get new pedals for my bike? [closed]

I'm looking to purchase some quality flat pedals for my bike. I've been riding cheap plastic ones and they keep breaking! I am currently looking at the Race Face Aeffect since they are aluminum. Any ...
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Pedals with largest outside platform area

I am 86 years of age with RA and badly splayed out feet. I already have pedal extenders on my custom 350 watt ebike trike (on a Biria frame) and have wrapped rug/carpet laying tape around the pedals ...
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Play in right pedal

I have a little play with my drive side pedal . When I twist the pedal left and right, I can feel a little play. I was wondering what could be wrong? The bike is around 3yrs old. They're dmr v12 ...
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Waterproof overshoes on Platform Pedals with pins

Are there Overshoes designed to last on Platform Pedals with pins? How long would a "normal" overshoe last on platform pedals before it shreds? Sofar I've been doing fine with some plastic and scotch ...
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How to pick mountain bike pedals (platform)?

I am new to mountain biking, I have a Novara Ponderosa 29er and one thing I have noticed is my feet are slipping off the pedals with frequency. I don't have mountain bike specific shoes but I have ...
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What are the disadvantages of securing your foot to the pedal?

I understand that there are many benefits when it comes to different methods of securing your foot to the pedal, and how they allow for more power through an entire revolution of the pedal. However ...
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Do pedals come in widths?

Do pedals come in widths? Can I get a wider pedal to fit my wide feet? I wear a size 13 EEEE, a wide shoe. I'm biking in regular shoes, not cleated. My pedals are plain platform style (not cleated, ...
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Do one-sided clip-in pedals have a bit more friction and inefficiency than alternatives?

Moving from old style pedals years ago, to when I took up cycling again more recently, I noticed a difference when oiling the bike, while doing maintenance. After oiling an old style pedal, I would ...
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Are all folding pedals a bit... bendy?

I have recently acquired a folding bike. One of the most irritating things is the folding pedals, as pictured: Pedal in folded position Pedal in deployed position, ready to ride Close up of pedal ...
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How to install bicycle pedals without a notch on the spindle?

I bought a pair of bicycle pedals that to my surprise had no notches on the pedal spindle to use when tightening them. I managed to screw them in by hand, but they are not quite tight since I can't ...
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What type of shoes should I get with regular pedals

I have never been more than a casual rider, maybe 5 miles at a time. I signed up for a 500 mile multi-day bike event that i need to train for and was thinking about getting real bike shoes due to more ...
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Flat pedal road bike shoes

I have road shoes but would like to also get a pair of shoes for flat pedals that still look like road shoes but have grip for the flat pedals etc.. Can anyone please suggest anything, thanks :)
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