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Mountain bike (MTB) can mean almost any kind of off-road bicycle. Wide knobby tires, flat handlebars, maybe shocks, probably a sturdy frame...
Bikes designed for road use only. Could be any road-only bike, but typically means bikes optimized for speed / racing / club rides with drop handlebars, narrow tires and a crouched-forward rider posit…
Shimano brand bicycle components. (No need to use if Shimano is an incidental part of the question.)
The rubber attached to the rim of your wheel. Flats, changing tires, selecting tires, etc.
Disc/rim/drum/coaster brakes; braking technique, maintaining brakes, anything else about stopping a bike.
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The big round things your bike rolls on. Rims, spokes, hubs, etc. If it's all about the rubber part, the "tire" tag is better.
Tools, parts, techniques, and procedures to keep your bike in working order. MAINTENANCE is not the same as REPAIR, a separate tag. Maintenance is what one does on a regular basis. Repair is what one …
1034 questions
Repairing, maintaining, or replacing the chain on your bike that connects the front of the drivetrain (cranks, chainrings) to the back (cogs, cassette).
Bicycle frame construction, selection, maintenance, and repair.
The crankset is the combination of components that convert motion from the rider's leg movements into rotational motion to drive the chain and propel the bike. The crankset includes one or more chainr…
870 questions
Mechanism to move the chain from one sprocket to another.
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Repairing your bike when something is broken. REPAIR is not the same as MAINTENANCE, a separate tag. Repair is what one does only when something is broken. Maintenance is what one does on a regular ba…
Gears in the drivetrain of a bike.
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The part of your bike that contains the axis the cranks arms spin 'round. (The crank arms are where the pedals attach.)
662 questions
A cluster of sprockets, commonly 5 to 12 of them, attached to a freehub on the rear wheel.
Questions looking for help with brand or model identification of a cycle. You MUST include a photograph of the complete bike. The serial number on its own is not enough to identify a bike.
Brakes with a disc called a rotor near the hub and calipers that squeeze pairs of pads against that disc.
587 questions
Questions referring to the derailluer responsible for moving the chain along the cassette
584 questions
Questions about shifting between gears or the shifters themselves.
559 questions
Usually means the front fork, where the front wheel sits. Can also mean the rear fork, a part of the frame.
What components are compatible with what other components
Riding safely, safety equipment, and safe places to ride.
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The cogs (gears) at the front of your drive chain, connected to the cranks.
489 questions
Concerning the parts and mechanism of bike gearing, both internal and external. Multi-speed, single-speed, fixed and freewheel.
452 questions
Riding to and from work. Other cycling primarily for transportation. Carrying stuff. Picking a bike. Related issues.
432 questions
Bicycle components without which it's not a working bike: wheels, brakes, saddle/seat, bottom bracket, derailleur, stem, handlebars, bolts, etc. Also tag with specific part.
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Hydraulic disc brakes use fluid (either mineral oil or automotive brake fluid) to transmit brake pressure from the handlebar levers to the disc brakes on the wheel.
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A rubber torus shaped balloon which is inflated via a valve inside a tyre to keep it rigid.
The outer edge of a wheel, holding the tire.
382 questions
The things you push your feet against to make the bike go. Pedaling technique, and other stuff related to pedals. Clips and clipless pedals.
378 questions
Questions about a bicycle's drivetrain system, including the chain, gears, chainring, derailers, etcetera.
350 questions
How to get the right sized bicycle for you or adjust your bicycle to fit you better.
Handlebars are the part of the bike where the rider holds onto for grip and steering of the bike.
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Vintage is generally considered more than 50 years old, but in the bicycling world anything more than 20 years old is usually considered vintage as well.
300 questions
The specialized system(s) of a bicycle that insulate a rider from rough terrain.
297 questions
Frames or components made from carbon fiber, possibly even about carbon accessories.
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