How does one remove the cartridge of a SR Suntour CR9 cartridge? This video shows how for other types, but the CR9 doesn't have the bottom bolt (you have to go in deep on the left side and unscrew a 5 mm allen bolt).

On a side note; when they "break the cap screw loose from cartridge shaft", they seem to be turning clockwise, which would make it tighter? I don't get that...

The CR9 seems a bit different. I undid the top cap, took out the splined gear (to which the knob attaches), and unscrewed the hollow 5mm allen bolt. What is left is a cartridge with a top cap:

Unscrewed topcap

If I undo the aforementioned bolt at the bottom of the left tube, I should be able to pull the lower legs down (can't do that yet; missing the long allen key)? But how can I pull them down with this top cap in the way?

Is that supposed to come off? I tried to get it off, but didn't want to yank too hard.

The ultimate goal is to re-grease the bushings and re-oil the wipers of the lower legs; nothing elaborate.

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To answer my own question; I used a bearing puller carefully, and it came loose. The cap was only pushed over the rod for about 1 mm, so applying some force by hand may have been enough.

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