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What are some major non-English technical works about bikes?

Of historical and present major technical works about bicycles, material that is intended to be higher level than everday DIY repair books sold to consumers, we have a number that are originally ...
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Is there any specific meaning or history behind flowers on the front luggage rack?

I have seen this multiple times in Belgium, and also recently even here in Switzerland my co-worker bought a bicycle with (in her case artificial) flowers permanently fixed on a front luggage rack. ...
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Can anyone help source a quote. Something like, “Even gears are for concrete mixers.”

I feel like I heard this quote from an old school cyclist, like a Belgian who spent a lot of years wearing a poncho or some such. I could also swear that I found the source of the quote a few years ...
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Source of Greg LeMond's quote, “It never gets easier; you just go faster.”

This is a question I asked previously on the Literature Stack Exchange site a month ago, but no one has been able to answer it. The Bicycles Stack Exchange seems to be mostly questions about bikes, ...
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Looking for a bicycle community in the Southwest US similar to Philadelphia/Seattle style [closed]

Recently relocated to the Southwest United States and I am in search of the type of bicycle culture that uses bicycles for commuting and not just for wanting to beat Lance Armstrong's record. In other ...
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Why so few mountain bikers with spandex?

I've never had clothing that was specialized for cycling, so I'm kinda n00b in that area. I am confused about the use of spandex. It's very common among roadies, for obvious reasons. It's more ...
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What are some good films about cycling?

Can you recommend high quality cycling-centric films? Can you recommend good sources (for example, publishers, distributors, vendors, etc.) to locate these films?
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What is considered a good "safe biking distance" to bike to work?

I'm curious about what is the maximum distance you can live from work so that it's a reasonable biking distance. I am interested in biking about 30 minutes to work. It would be about 5 miles away. I ...
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Is there such a thing as a cyclist philosophy? [closed]

I've done a fair bit of cycle touring, I've been a regular mountain biker and now I cycle regularly in the city. I would definitely say that cycling shapes my life and the way I think. Is there such ...
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En masse bicycle commuting

The area I live (NE United States) doesn't have a very large infrastructure for biking. There are scattered bike paths and they've finally completed a bridge that allows me to commute to work, but ...
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Why might a compact drivetrain be frowned upon?

At the cafe stop on my local Saturday ride a few of the guys we chatting and one guy asked an other if he was riding a compact drivetrain. The other guy objected loudly and they then joked with other ...
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What is your worst customer service experience you had with your bike? [closed]

I have had some pretty unacceptable servicing on my bike. What is the worst story you could tell?
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