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Lateral play in Crankset

I'm converting a ~2006 Scott Reflex to a 1x drive train, following the instructions on this video: Convert From Square Taper to Hollowtech II Bottom Bracket/Crankset - RJ the Bike Guy However I am ...
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Shimano RD M5120 and 10 / 11 speed compatibility

I thought the shimano mtb 10 speed is completely separate system and isnt compatible with anything else. However now there is a 10/11 speed RD - the RD-M5120 SGS. I was wondering how does this work. ...
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XT 11 speed derailleur (RD-M8000-GS) rubbing 46T cog with b-screw all the way in?

I've broken my rear derailleur so I've decided to upgrade from my 2x10 to a 1x setup. For that, I've initially bought: Deore XT 11 speed derailleur RD-M8000-GS (I've read it can work with 10s, but ...
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I am putting drop bars on one of my MTB Shimano 10 speed 1x Deore. I am looking for a road hydro shift lever

I will be putting road drop bars on one of my mtb's for this coming winter as a project that has Shimano 10 speed 1x Deore. My goal is to "simply"🙈😆 have road shift levers and hydraulic ...
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Will this mix of Shimano 10 speed components work together?

My goal is to cobble together a 1x10 groupset using some Shimano 105 5700 shifters. From what I have read, I think that these components will work together, but I want to be sure before purchasing: ...
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How do I move my chainring without moving my crank arm?

I recently did a 1x10 conversion on my mountain bike. I replaced almost everything on my drive train except for my crankset. The single chainring (104 BCD, 34T) fits onto my drive-side crank arm in ...
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