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When commissairing track races in the UK, I (and all of my colleagues) insist on the rider as an absolute minimum having the GPS/Computer/Power Meter on the underside of the stem so the display cannot be seen, or for preference mounted behind the seat-post or back of the saddle out of temptation's way. alexsimmons has quoted the relevant UCI rule in his ...


In track (velodrome) racing, visible cycle computer displays are generally not permitted. So the only funny looks will be from the commissaire who will request it be removed. This is the UCI rule: UCI CYCLING REGULATIONS TRACK RACES 3.2.005 Riders may carry no object on them or on their bicycles that could drop onto the track. They may not bear or ...


Simple cycle meters, those from pre-GPS, still exist. Although they'd need magnet actuated wheel and cadence sensors they have the advantage of being tiny thus fitting easily under the saddle. If they are ANT+ they would couple with motion sensor activated hub and crank-arm sensors that don't require magnets. On a Garmin GPS at least, speaking from ...


For the track taster session I did a while back, anything like a bike computer, GPS etc was expressly prohibited. I think because anything 'loose' shoved in a jersey pocket might fall out and cause a hazard for other riders.

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