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Time for a new tyre?

Normally safe is relative, in this case, its absolute - no, it is not safe. Don't ride on that tire. I would - but only to get home, and I would be feeling for any sign of further degradation (...
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Time for a new tyre?

No, this would probably not be "safe" to ride on. That "white stuff" looks like the casing threads(the T in TPI when you buy tires) that gives the tire its structural strength. You ...
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Time for a new tyre?

I know from personal experience that a tyre like that fairly rapidly leads to a tyre that lets the inner tube reach the road, and that leads to a no air situation in pretty short order. Mine went from ...
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I put a 700 x 35c inner tube in my 700 x 38c tyre. Is my tyre in risk for a flat?

Any increase in puncture risk from a fitting a 38mm tyre with a tube rated for 35mm (max) is tiny. Don't worry about it. The softness you're feeling is probably simply that you haven't pumped it up ...
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When I press down on my presta valve cap when it is open why is no air coming out

Did you unthread the small acorn nut at the top of the presta valve? It should turn about 4 turns and once loose, you can press the top down and air should come out. If you don't open this nut, air ...
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Time for a new tyre?

There's another aspect: Do you want to wait until you get a puncture, even when in the middle of a trip, or do you want to replace it proactively? When at home you have time and tools, most likely, ...
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Rear wheel deflating instantly after pumping

Find what caused the hole and fix the issue. Remove the thorn or glass, etc. Check this answer for how to find the flat cause. Patching is cheaper but requires a little skill. New tube is easier and ...
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Fixing a winter tire with poking studs using tube patches. Will it work?

The backs of studs are wide, blunt and rounded off slightly; that you pushed them through the casing is very odd. The casing may be defective, or you may run extremely high pressures - you mention ...
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