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Determining the correct gear ratio for rear wheel cassette

Because you have a GS cage derailleur--this is Shimano's medium cage length but the largest available on road rear derailleurs--you can be assured of the system having enough chain wrap capability to ...
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9 speed cassette and shifter with an 11 speed derailleur, will it work?

it's an old discussion but worth a response in case someone is looking for it... 11 speed shimano are compatibile with 9 speed cassette with a 9 speed SRAM (it's important) shifter. Also 12 speed sram ...
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Multiple gears shifted while not pedaling

This is harmless. All they did was to remove the tension from the cables. Sure, this means the chain will have some shear force on it from the derailleurs, but it's just the little bit of force from ...

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