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To do this "properly" you need to replace all these parts: a new frame with disk caliper mounts a new fork with disk caliper mounts all the brake system parts, being calipers and rotors, hose etc. new wheel hubs front and rear with disk rotor mounts longer replacement spokes for your front wheel to rebuild it with a cross lacing pattern It is possible you ...


Rim and disc brakes have completely different mounts. The front disc would be mounted at the bottom of the left fork leg, and the rear would be mounted where the seat and chain stay intersect. It’s not just the mounting points: the tubes in disc brake bikes are different. the carbon layup is denser or the metal tubing is much thicker at the disc mount point ...


Here's one of my favorites. Lots of builders, shop owners, mechanics and bike nerds frequent the forum. Truly a wealth of information: Velocipede Salon Forum


Is there a site that can help you with compatibility among all parts? Yes There are sites that will let you pick all of the compatible components for a bicycle. The following are sites built by people who want to make money selling you a custom bike (these are examples of bike builder apps, not recommendations). has a bike builder feature on ...

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